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April 8, 2016

This week has been one of the hardest weeks since becoming a parent. Peter has been gone for two weeks and I miss him terribly. FaceTime is a gift but I really want to kiss his face. I have awful allergies that have progressed into a slight cold and I've been coughing my head off for the past two days. All night, like constant coughing for 30-40 minutes. Thank God, Solomon isn't phased by this and sleeps right through all the racket. He does think its funny when I'm coughing while he is awake though... he will look at me and laugh and then imitate my cough with a smile. Or he will look at me like I have two heads and almost roll his eyes at me, ha! That boy is the silver lining to every grey day, that's for sure! Plus, my mom has been an angel as always and has helped SO. MUCH. So thankful for her!!! I'm also thankful that Peter will be home tomorrow (I might throw a party!!!) and we are so excited to spend next week in Charleston together. He will be working again but I'm just happy to sleep next to him for one solid week. Happy weekend!!  

Celebrating my mom's new job downtown with some sliders and parmesan truffle fries!

Finally made Solomon his sweet potatoes, of course he loved them!
This was the one food that I thought he might not like since Peter and I both don't like them, 
but he was a happy boy smacking away on some purred sweet taters!

Having a best friend that shares her photography skills when you ask is a huge perk!
So thankful for her and all the shots she got of Solomon, I'm hoping we can take some 
family shots when Peter is finally home for a week night before the sun is setting.

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