Momma & Solomon.

April 26, 2016

I asked a sweet friend to come over and take some six month pictures of Solomon because I wanted to capture his sweet little personality during this season. I was so thankful when she said she could. With our busy schedules we almost ended up with seven month pictures but who cares, he seems to get cuter every day anyways. 

When I thought about capturing some photos during this season of life, I knew I wanted to get some pictures of our every day moments as momma and son. I think about the future a lot, that is just part of who I am... I'm a planner to the core, but I constantly think about his future now as well. I think about his first day of school. The first time he gets hurt and needs stitches, because knowing his wild little self, it will happen eventually. The first trip away from home at night. The moment that he gives his heart to Christ, God willing. His first date. Leaving for college. His wedding day. All those things run through my mind every single day. It sounds tiring, doesn't it?? Surprisingly, it isn't. It makes my heart so happy to think about all the days that will fill his future and I pray that he will want to share them with me and his daddy. That he will look at us, and see a friend, as well as a parent. 

The years ahead are going to fly by, just like the past seven months have. That is why I want to capture these moments. Capture that big toothless grin since it is already gone. Capture the way his little hands are always searching for something to hold on to. I want to freeze time so I can always remember his pudgy baby belly and those sweet dimples on his cheeks. I especially want to remember the sweet way he always wants to nurse, even if it's just for a couple of sips, when I lay down on the bed with him. No matter what time of day or night, he loves to curl up beside me and feel the comfort that only I can give him. That is my favorite part of motherhood so far, being his comfort. 

I was so thankful for my mom while we were away in Chicago last week for the family wedding, because she was going to stay with Solomon while we were at the reception. I was excited to have some baby free time and enjoy the dinner, dancing and fun with Peter and the family. I did the normal checking in to make sure all was okay, but after about four hours, he had enough and needed his momma. I can't explain the feeling I had in those moments of driving back to the hotel to be with him. He had cried for 15 minutes straight before my mom gave in and called me, which I'm so thankful she did, but it was confirmation in a way. He needs me. A sippy cup can't replace me. Once I got back to the room and started to nurse him he was overcome with joy. He laughed and giggled in between sips of milk and the happiness that I saw in his eyes made me heart melt. 

I can't help but think that this is what motherhood is all about. Thinking about their future, and their life now, in everything we do. Our children are a part of us. They take up a spot in our heart that we will never give away. No matter how big they get. That is why I want to capture these memories and these moments. My heart is in these words and these photos. Motherhood..... man, it is so hard but so good, and I thank God every single day for giving me the challenge and opportunity to experience it. 

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