April 12, 2016

We are back in beautiful Charleston with daddy for work! It is so nice to travel with him and spend the evenings with him, but during the day it is also nice to wander around and see the beautiful city. I don't care how many times I visit, the views never get old. Last time we were here I had my phone to take a couple of photos but I made sure to grab my Canon this time around. 

How amazing is that front porch?!? I would sit there and drink sweet tea every day! ;) 
Yesterday was such a gorgeous day and it was nice to have a little peek of Summer while walking around. I easily walked four miles but it never feels like a workout when you have such pretty things to see. The streets were definitely full of tourists holding maps and tour guides telling the history of Charleston. I was even asked for directions a few times and could help out, which made me feel like a local. It's okay to pretend a little bit, right?

Today is going to be rainy and cloudy almost all day, which also means I'm stuck on this hotel bed. Thankfully, Solomon is taking his morning nap, and I have a long bath planned for us to take up a chunk of time until daddy gets off work! We will definitely be driving somewhere for dinner tonight and I'm looking forward to trying a new place, possibly. We are on the hunt for the best soft shell crab.... YUM!

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