weekly three.

April 29, 2016

It has been another weird week since Wednesday felt like Friday because Peter came home from a work trip mid week. That is definitely not normal around here, but we have loved it. I actually cooked meals the past two nights and cleaned our house like crazy. It is crazy how I want to be all "housewife-ish" when he is home. It is good for everyone, trust me! This weekend is a busy one since we are driving to Duluth, GA to spend some time with family. Hope you all have a pretty weekend!!!

back on my morning shakes and loving it!

I was so excited to hang my Letterfolk in our back hallway and also add some of my
favorite pictures from our trip to Chicago. I have a few more ideas for that little space!!

yummy porkchops for dinner, using this recipe, thanks to my cousin Meghan for sharing it!

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