First Timer.

June 5, 2014

I have to say, this makes me a little nervous! I never thought I would be posting about clothing or fashion but I am. Back in March I did a little post about what I think about Fashion & it was a lot of fun. I realized that I really do love fashion and I love putting together an outfit. The hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes... all of it! So, I'm stepping outside of my box today and I hope to contiue doing these posts once a week!

Today I am linking up with Living in Color Style & Stylin in St. Louis for the first time. Every week they have a trend to base your outfit around and I'm so happy to join them!!

this week's trend // Favorite Sunglasses

I’m the worst about losing sunglasses. It’s inevitable. For the majority of our honeymoon I was a squinting mess because I left my sunglasses at home. Who flies to California without sunglasses, this girl, that’s who. So I waited until I found the right ones to purchase on the trip. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on them since I typically lose them, so it took a while to find a pair that didn't cost an arm and a leg that I actually liked. Finally, while we were in Monterey we walked by a cute little shop on the boardwalk and I found the perfect ones. They were only $10 and I was excited to have a little souvenir from our honeymoon that I could use every day. Or until I lost them, which I did. So no, the glasses above have absolutely nothing to do with this story. It's just a story about my favorite sunglasses that I no longer have BUT I did go shopping for some new sunglasses and decided to spend a little more cash in hopes that would persuade me to take better care of them. We'll see how that goes.

sunglasses // Lucky 
shirt // Forever21
jeans // Old Navy
shoes // Payless
bracelets // Forever21
earrings // Forever21,
nail polish // essie, Lady Like

& just for fun, here’s a photo of those perfect shades. Come back to me, please!


Cassie Lee said...

Adorable! I have the same problem with sunglasses.

CassieEliya said...

thanks lady!! it must be a Cassie thing... ;)

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