In The Word // John 15:4

June 17, 2014

Over the past few weeks in the study through Titus I learned a lot. I learned about grace, mercy and peace. I learned that we must first seek to know HIM and then abide in HIM to be sanctified. I learned how important spiritual mothers are. I learned that it is okay to be peculiar as long as that is founded in Christ. I learned about love of the church FROM the church. All of these things are wonderful and important to learn but what do we do with them after we take them in?

Do we live off this truth for a few days while we are learning within a study and then forget everything once we aren't being educated in that area?

Yes. That is exactly what most of us do. I know I do. I always get up on my high horse, praising the study and loving every second of it but once it is over I settle back on the ground and let it fade away. That is such an awful way to treat His word. Letting His word and His presence sprinkle on us like rain but never soak it in. If we don’t let His rain seep into our roots then how can we ever produce His fruit?

That bible verse above hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it last week. I prayed that I would not become a severed branch. I want to stay connected to my Maker in everything I do. Constantly being thankful for what I have and turning to Him for the things I am lacking. Remaining in Him is what my heart needs.

I want to take in all the many things I learned from the book of Titus and let them soak in. Those lessons will create fruit in my life. Sweet, pure and honest fruit for Jesus – not for Cassie. I pray that I will become less selfish and more selfless. Not focusing on those around me unless it is for His kingdom. Only giving out love. Becoming the peculiar in a world full of darkness, becoming the light and shining toward the only good part in all of us. HimSoaking Him in and giving out His fruit. That is my prayer.

Link up with us this week, Tuesday - or any day. 
What is on your heart, what is He doing in it??

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Cassie Lee said...

You said this so well, I love studying too but then I often forget what I learned and return to my selfish ways. Thank God for grace and repentance!

Kelli B said...

I feel like if there were an answer to my post today, THIS would be it! Goes so perfectly together. I'm going to come back and read this often to remind myself about abiding in Him :)

CassieEliya said...

thank you!! You so so right, thank God for that!

CassieEliya said...

I'm so excited to read your post!! thanks for linking up with us so often! :)

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