Goals // 6.14

June 2, 2014

I honestly feel pretty good about the last month! Only one item was left unfinished but we all know what that annoying task is. I'll continue my rant below... anyways, May was a wonderful month. It is still one of my favorite months of the year!! I love the season change, the green trees and blooming flowers and of course celebrating my hubby's Birthday! It was a happy month, and we all know I love happy!!

May Goals
1// hang those darn Curtains in the living room
Yes, those darn curtains still did not happen & I am no longer going to put them on my list.
It will happen when I have time and energy to do it.
But just to make myself clear, I really hate those curtains!!!

2// workout at least three days a week
High Fives for me!!! I've been doing three days a week (Except for that weird week when I caught a little stomach bug) and it feels so good!! I've also started tracking my food and counting my calories every day and it is amazing the difference this has made. I have more energy, my clothes are fitting better, and I'm paying attention to the food that I put in my body. I honestly feel like a new person, it feels great!!

3// celebrate Madison & Zach's wedding
Gorgeous couple, Perfect day!! You can see more about it here.

4// celebrate Peter's Birthday
It was so much fun!!! You can see all the details here.

5// complete the #SheReadsTruth, The Risen Christ, study
So good! I absolutely loved it.
Also really excited about the new studies this month with the beautiful study books!

6// have a cookout/picnic in our back yard
Peter's Birthday party helped make this two birds with one stone kind of deal... is that allowed?
I say it is allowed!!

June Goals
1// edit my 101 in 1001 list
2// share my first fashion post (and hopefully keep it up!)
3// have a cookout for Father's Day
4// travel to Kansas City, MO for Cassie's wedding weekend
5// make it 1/2 way through my 100 Days of Happy
6// get serious about my vitamins
7// complete both of the #SheReadsTruth study books
8// complete the #1000in30 fitness challenge with Living in Yellow

Care to share some of your goals this month??
I'd love to hear them!
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