Goals // 7.14

June 27, 2014

The month of June is almost over (and tomorrow is the 28th which offically means I've been a wife for nine months now!!) and I have to say that it has been a month full of so much happiness and love. Weddings, friends, family, babies... all of it has been so wonderful and I really hate to see this summer month leave already. This week has been one for the books and the name of that book would be "IS IT OVER YET!?!". Wow, after last week only being a two day work week and traveling two weekends in a row, I feel exhausted. I'm looking forward to the last wedding for the month tomorrow (yes, on our nine month, how fun is that?!?) and a lot of relaxation so we can welcome July with open arms!

June Goals
1// edit my 101 in 1001 list
I shared my edits HERE and updated my main list HERE. I am so excited to tackle these new goals and work on completing the rest of the 101 that I haven't finished yet!

2// share my first fashion post (and hopefully keep it up!)
Well, I kept them up for one whole month and I've really loved them. You can see all the outfits so far HERE and I'm looking forward to continuing these type of posts.

3// have a cookout for Father's Day
Because of our last minute trip to NJ on Father's Day weekend, my Dad was kind enough to change the cookout to a dinner instead. Peter grilled some delicious steaks on a Thursday night and I made all the sides. It was super yummy!

4// travel to Kansas City, MO for Cassie's wedding weekend
Woohoo!!! It was such a fun weekend, see all the highlights HERE.

5// make it 1/2 way through my 100 Days of Happy
Check! I only missed one day but I made up for it and I gladly use that sweet baby in NJ as an excuse.

6// get serious about my vitamins
Oops, another month that I failed at this. I'm going shopping for a Multi Vitamin this weekend so I can take one a day and be done!

7// complete both of the #SheReadsTruth study books
Titus was amazing but I've had a rough start with Ruth thanks to all the traveling but it is also a wonderful study. I'm just a little bit behind but slowly catching up!

8// complete the #1000in30 fitness challenge with Living in Yellow
Because of said travel I wasn't able to complete the full 1000 hours in 30 days but I am happy to say that I completed over 800 hours which is a lot more than the previous months! I can take that as a win. 

and on to the next.....
July Goals
1// REST - the month of June was a crazy one so I am ready to relax a little more in July.
2// keep up with the style posts - they are so fun and I love them!
3// enjoy 4th of July with a day off of work - for the past several years my employer did not give the 4th of July as an automatic vacation day but this year they do! I can't wait to relax and do something fun.
4// sushi date for our Six Year Dating Anniversary - can't wait to have a special date night full of sushi!
5// work on our budget - we've had one ever since we said I DO but we haven't followed it that well, its time to revisit and see what we need to change.
6// finish decorating my quiet time corner - I want to work on framing some photos and finding a more comfortable chair.
7// hang the living room curtains - yup, I'm doing it!! If you have been checking out these goals so far this year, you should know that these curtains have become my biggest nightmare but luckily I have found a solution. I think. We'll see!

Any fun goals for you!?! What is your July looking like?


Cassie Lee said...

HAHAHAA the freaking curtains girl, get those suckers up!!!! You crack me up. HAPPY ALMOST 6 YEARS OF DATING! You two are such a great team and we look up to you greatly!

CassieEliya said...

I swear, it is going to happen!!!
and you are so sweet! :)

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