101 in 1001 // Edited

June 4, 2014

I don't really know if this is allowed. It may be cheating but honestly I don't really care. This is my list and my little blog so I'm going to do it! There are several things on my list that I've realized are not going to happen for some sort of reason so instead of leaving them on the list I prefer to replace them with something that I know I want to accomplish now.

45. Finish Insanity together
Reason to Replace: it is physically impossible for me to do Insanity with my back and knee problems. Peter can do it, I can not. So this is something that I know will never be completed.
Replacement: Finish T25 together.
This workout routine is a lot less stress on my body and they have someone doing a modified version the entire time so I can easily look to see what they are doing.

51. Cook dinner for our Moms at least once a month
Reason to Replace: we have missed so many months already because all of our schedules are so crazy! However, we have not missed one week of seeing both of our Moms so that is why I am replacing it.
Replacement: Make sure we see our Mom's at least once a week. I think this is so important for the relationships within our family. I'm so lucky to have a Mom and a Mom-in-Law that I love dearly!

69. Travel to Germany for Oktoberfest
Reason to Replace: after discussing this with Peter multiple times I've realized this is not going to happen for many reasons. The plane tickets are crazy expensive for this time of year in Germany. Most of the time at Oktoberfest is technically just a HUGE Drunkfest, and that is not something we really want to do. We can travel to Germany another time during the year and have a better experiece without so many people.
Replacement: Travel to Germany. Plain and simple, I just want to go!

79. Go skydiving
Reason to Replace: again, after discussing this with Peter multiple times I've realized this is not going to happen for ONE reason. Peter has been skydiving three different times and all three times were "Pre-Cassie" so when I put this on my list I thought he would be excited to do it with me. Nope, I was wrong. He said "We have way too much ahead of us in our life together to go and jump out of a plane." which I thought was sweet and very true. He also pointed out that he was single everytime he did jump out of a plane which made a big difference. So I will be removing it, because he is right!
Replacement: Go Scuba Diving. Because that isn't dangerous and we can see pretty fish!

87. Go to the 6:15AM hot yoga class and make it a habit
Reason to Replace: I'm not a morning person and this is NOT going to happen. period.
Replacement: Join the gym at work and make it a habit to workout at least three days a week.
(this may be cheating since I've already joined the gym here in my office but I have absolutely loved it and I'm working hard to workout at least three days a week now!)

93. Read every Jane Austen novel. (0/6)
Reason to Replace: I've realized that I can't read these books because I don't feel a deep passion to finish it. I start a book and I have every intention to complete it but I simply don't want to. So I tried to think of a series that I really do want to read and I think will better my outlook on life and instantly a series popped in my head!
Replacement: Read the Chronicles of Narnia series (0/7)

96. Finish Couch to 5K
Reason to Replace: Again, because of my knees this is just not possible. Running is not my friend.
Replacement: Work my way up to 40 minutes on the stairmill at Level 10. (this does not hurt my knees at all!)

101. Write in a journal once a month
Reason to Replace: I just do not have time to sit down and journal. This is my journal.... right here on this blog.
Replacement: Send 10 care packages to 10 different friends! Because that is a lot more fun, right??


Cassie Lee said...

Great edits and reasons!

Victoria B said...

I think this is smart and great replacements! There is no point leaving something on there that you physically or mentally cannot do. My husband really wants to go to Oktoberfest and I know I would hate it because I hate crowds, especially crowds of drunk people. I put "Go to Oktoberfest" on my 101 in 1001 list as well, but I really don't think I even want to do it ever. I kinda put it on there as it is probably something we should do pre-children, which is the theme of my list.

Susannah said...

I love your replacements. You're totally right that it's your list and you should be doing things that work for you! :-)

CassieEliya said...


CassieEliya said...

Thank you! I agree, my husband has been to Oktoberfest a couple times and he said that it is a lot of fun but way too crazy to truly enjoy now in this stage of our lives. Definitely a pre-children trip! ;)

CassieEliya said...

thanks and thank you for the comment! :)

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