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March 13, 2014

I love to see fashion on TV, magazines, and blogs but when it comes to my own fashion I’m a little lost to explain it. I like so many different kinds of styles and when I look in my closet I see a wide assortment of clothing. Staying with my idea of sharing three points on the topic each week here are a few things that I know about fashion in my life right now.

1// stripes
They are an obsession for me. I didn’t realize this until I found a super cute shirt at Old Navy and instantly had to have it. I remember saying to myself, I don't have many striped shirts, I need this! and then I got home and realized my new shirt was now my fourth stripe shirt in my closet. How does this happen? I do love all kinds of stripes but my need for black and white striped clothing takes everything to a new level. I recently had on a short sleeve, black and white peplum top for a party with some skinny jeans and heels but once I realized it was a bit cooler than I thought it was going to be I changed to a quarter length black and white striped shirt instead {the one pictured above}. I then asked Peter, “is this striped shirt okay or should I wear the one I had on before?” his response was, “you changed?” Yes, I know he is a man but still.
Now that I have realized this weakness of mine I’m no longer allowing myself to buy any striped shirts. Or at least black and white ones. I do however need some striped dresses. A maxi dress to be exact. Or a few.

2// nails
An outfit is never finished without painted nails. I am a firm believer in taking that extra step to complete the look with a fun nail polish. It is the best accessory a lady can have. I’m also a firm believer in DIY home manicures to save money and this allows you to constantly change your look for outfits. Sundays are normally my nail painting nights and I always think about what I have going on that week before picking out my color. Some weeks call for a classic pale pink and then some weeks really need a pop of bright color. I know this is a luxury right now since I have extra time in my schedule (i.e., no kiddos yet) so I fully intend on enjoying it while I can.

3// store
Forever21 makes my heart so happy. I can’t explain the feeling I get inside when I find a beautiful dress that fits me perfectly for the incredible price of $19.50! It just does not make sense but thanks to Forever21 it is reality. Yes, some of their items are questionable and most of the clothing doesn’t last forever {ironic, huh?} but for the low prices and always changing styles it’s a win in my book.

Well there ya have it... these life changing facts in my fashion world {sarcasm} and my first try at a timed photo shoot. Out of the twenty something photos I took that was the best one, ha! I'm most definitely NOT a fashion blogger but I do love to see all the beautiful outfits that they flawlessly put together. Yes, I may or may not try and copy them sometimes but in my little fashion world stripes, nail polish and a F21 shopping trip is my happy place. 

Total Truth Thursday

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Cassie said...

Old Navy is the best spot!!! Love their clothing and the way they fit! With F21 I usually shop online... I used to work for the company in HS so I know how most of the items fit and it is a lot less overwhelming online for sure!!

Cassie said...

I am really into Old Navy lately. Their jeans fit and they are so cheap! If they get dirty or ripped it doesn't really matter! I don't like the layout of the Forever21 stores, so I can never find anything I like, but so many people find the cutest stuff there!

Cassie said...

There are far worse things to be addicted to for sure, haha!!
Thanks for the comment, I really love your blog and I look forward to following you now! :)

Cassie said...

I'm so with you on the stripes. I think I have 4 or 5 striped shirts, but I'm not willing to go count and find out for sure, that might be admitting I have a problem. :)
I love forever21. The closest one to me is 6 or 7 hours away and I'm so bad at shopping online, the stuff I think I want never works on me. I guess my bank account is thankful for that.

Cassie said...

Honestly, we just recently got one in our mall here this year but I still prefer to shop online. So much easier and less crowded! ;) haha!

Cassie said...

I wish I had a forever21 where I live (wait, do I reallllly wish that? I might be broke if I had one...) haha. Anyways, the closest one is a little over an hour away. Such cute stuff!!

Cassie said...

Haha!!! I'm glad I'm not alone! ;)
Thanks for the comment!!

Cassie said...

Are we twins? I'm obsessed with stripes too! I love them. They call to me in the store and somehow I end up floating over and ooo-ing and awww-ing over them. I also love nail polish and Sunday nights are my nail day too! I plop down in front of the TV, watch The Real Housewives and paint away.

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