Friday Five

June 13, 2014

It's Friday the 13th, everyone! Not sure what that really means but I'm just happy it's finally Friday! This week has been a looooong one and a HOT one. Summer is officially here and that sticky, humid weather is here to stay also. My poor hair, Frizz City, guys... it's bad. But anywho, despite the hot weather and crazy hairs I had a wonderful week. Here are a few of the things that made me smile....

1// still can not get over these two photos from the photo booth at the wedding this past weekend.
I love that man... and his kisses!

2// homemade pizza at Mom's house on Monday night.

3// and this ceaser salad with some fresh lettuce from our garden on Tuesday night! 

4// this dress! Goodness, I love it. 

5// finishing the study through Titus. Go do it now if you missed it!!
Seriously. Go do it now!

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!!!


  1. What beautiful pictures. Y'all look so in love and happy :)!

    That pizza...yummy! Happy Friday!

  2. Stopping by from the Link up! LOVE your dress! Totally have the same one just in a off green color! So Comfy and always get compliments on it!

  3. That homemade pizza looks amazing!! And that dress... love!

  4. Stopping by from the link up.. I love your statement "learning how to be a wife to her husband".. my husband I married in 2012 and it's definitely a learning process! I pray I can be the best for him and that He will show me how. Now following along and can't wait to read more.

  5. love is such a happy thing!! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I've seen the green one a lot and love it too!! :) Thanks for the comment!

  7. it is a learning experience but so much fun, right!?! Following you back, thanks for the comment!

  8. Oh joy! Hans and I have our own garden, and we just had our first home grown salad the other night, too. What else are ya'll growing??

  9. almost everything... it is crazy how fast it all has grown. I'm wanting to do a garden update here soon so hopefully you can see it in a little while. :) it is such a great feeling to grow your own food, isn't it??

  10. Oh my goodness - yes! It is such a feeling of accomplishment :) Did ya'll plant everything from seed?? Can't wait to see the garden update!


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