Weekend Trip Littles.

June 16, 2014

For the past four months we have patiently been waiting for a weekend deal so we could fly to New Jersey to see Peter's family and meet our new little nephew! He isn't as new or as little as we hoped he would be when we first met him but I'm so happy we finally made it up north to visit. Whenever we find the time to travel and see family I'm always more tired when I leave because there is so much to do. I'm not complaining about it, I'm honestly thankful for it. Coming from a very small family (hello, one brother and two cousins) I find so much happiness in this big family that I now have a part in. Jumping from house to house, receiving big hugs and two cheek kisses, loving on babies and deepening relationships is what this family is all about and I absolutely love it. I love them. I also love tradition and since it seems to be normal that I share some littles from a trip to NJ I thought I'd keep that tradition going. Here are some little things that made me so happy over the past couple of days.

smelling that sweet baby smell while he slept on my chest for over an hour // wrapping up in a blanket with cousins and watching TV together // having Peter wake me up this morning with a baby in his arms... I mean, really // taking a walk along the Hudson and enjoying the sunshine before a tasty burger for lunch // the fact that I have almost a full day left here in NJ

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CassieEliya said...

ha! I have a few more to share!! :)

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