I Married a Green Thumb.

June 25, 2014

I honestly can't take credit for most of this wonderfulness in our back yard. I mean, yes... when Peter is out of town for work I water the garden and take care of the chicks, but when he comes home on the weekend he is the one cleaning the coop and weeding the garden. I don't do the hard stuff. I guess it's a good thing that he enjoys it. It really is so gratifying to see the growth in our back yard recently.

All of the dreams that we discussed when we bought our house are coming true and that is the most exciting feeling. I know that God created everything that grows and He also created us to grow it. It is so much fun to be a part of that, thanks to Peter of course.

Anything that is harmed by animals or bugs from the garden instantly goes to the chicks and they always appreciate it!  

the cutest baby watermelon ever!

I know that if I were a single lady in a house of my own I would not have all of this. I wouldn't care to have chickens or grow THAT MUCH produce on my own. A few plants, yea... but the poor things would probably die quickly, so I'm thankful for that man. I'm thankful for his green thumb and I am so incredibly thankful that he chose to share it with me!


Cassie Lee said...

Look at all those goodies!!

Kelli B said...

I'm super jealous of your chicks, your garden and your backyard! We want to move so bad so that we'll have a backyard like that. We really want land!

CassieEliya said...

Love um!!!

CassieEliya said...

It is a LOT of work but so worth it!!

CassieEliya said...

It is very rewarding but a lot of work at the same time... I'm thankful that Peter enjoys it! ha :)

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