January Dinner Club!!

January 23, 2011

 This month was at my house and I LOVED IT! 

It was so great to have all my wonderful girlfriends over and treat them to some pasta!! 

I made cheese tortellini with grilled chicken and parmesan marinara!!
This was after serving everyone, forgot to take a picture before… ooops!

We also had bread with EVOO and Balsamic dip with some grinded yummyness on top!  
Always a hit, thank you Madison for the delicious bread!

After some bread and wine we had salad, thanks to the lovely Katie Ayer! 

After eating the pasta we had this scrumptious dessert from Chef Beth!!!
Nutela and Chocolate raviolis with pistachio and cherry ice cream and a candied mint leave! 
(Joy you would DIE!)

Jocie also made these adorable place settings 
(and helped with the dishes-love you) since we didn’t need anymore food.

And of course we had to have our signature picture…
That I’m sure we will still be doing when we are 60, right ladies!?! ;)

I love every one of you SOOOOOOOOO much!! 
And we missed you, Jessica!

Can’t wait for next month at Katie’s house!!!  
Mexican Food Theme or SUSHI, hmmmmm?!?!

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