Can't WAIT!

January 3, 2011

A few months ago Peter and I had an exciting chance to go on a mini vacation with some awesome friends from Kickball and we definitely jumped on it!!  Sadly the vacation didn’t work out since they had too many people book and there wasn’t any room for us…

THEN I got a text from the wonderful Dayna on Saturday night letting me know that a couple had backed out last minute so we could go!  If I weren’t lying on the couch sick as a dog when I read her text I would have been jumping up and down!  Now that I am feeling MUCH better I really am jumping up and down because we are going here…


Keep in mind that I have NEVER been skiing or snowboarding but I’m still excited!  It will be such a blast to have a nice (cold) weekend away with my favorite man, plus 14 people… whom I only know 2 of… should be a blast since I’m always up for meeting new people!  We have a condo on the mountain that sleeps 16 people with a HOT TUB!  We will leave on Thursday around lunch and head back on Sunday sometime.  I’m so psyched!  Also checked the weather and it’s supposed to be snowing or flurries all weekend… PERFECTO!

I will document the entire trip for a recap post full of details and pictures! 
Wish me luck with the snowboarding thing… ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aww how fun! That's where I learned to ski! :) Snowboarding is good fun too! Have a blast!!

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