January 24, 2011

I have found the BEST face wash, toner, and lotions!!!!!  I’ve tried a lot of different kinds and I found out a couple years ago (thanks to my wonderful friend Amanda Mulford) that Body Shop definitely has the best stuff!  It’s natural and not super expensive which is hard to find. 

I’ve used the VitaminE line for a long time but when the Natrulift like came out I jumped on it.  It’s for lines and wrinkles and all naturally made with pomegranates and other good stuff.  I always want to try and prevent lines because I am petrified of needles and surgery on my face! 
AH… I just got cold chills thinking of it!

Just recently I’ve tried the Green Tea line for problem skin because the Natrulift was HORRIBLE for my skin & my Mom’s too!  We both broke out like we were in Middle School again!  After using the Green Tea products for a week my skin is completely different!  It’s crazy. 

I use the scrub to remove make up and clean my face at night. 

I use this toner morning and night.
and let me just say, this is the BEST stuff EVER…
It’s also amazing when you put a dab on our Q-tips and clean your ears.  
So clean and tingly!

I put this on at night with a little bit of the blemish cream if I have a spot to get rid of. 
They are both wonderful! 

In the morning I use this foaming wash in the shower and it's so great to 
get everything squeaky clean and wake me up as well! ha 

This weekend I am going to buy some of this day cream to use after the foam
and before I put my makeup on. 

Last but definitely not least… everyone should go buy this eye make up remover!  I’m serious!!! 

Even if you don’t use the rest of their products this stuff will change your life!  
It’s so soft and works like a charm without burning if you accidentally get some in your eyes… 
because we all know that happens!  

Hope you guys take my advice and give The Body Shop Skincare a chance!  The girls that work there are so amazing and helpful so if you have any questions about what your skin type should use they can show you exactly what you need.  

Right now I'm going to enjoy some wine and The Bachelor with Mom!!! :)  I am LOVING this season...  definitely Team Chantal O!!  She is SO beautiful and they click like CRAZY

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