Yellow Happiness!!!

January 27, 2011

Today was such a nasty, drab, cold day and anytime that I looked out my window in my freezing office I imagined a beautiful SPRING day!!!  Birds chirping and all…

Yellow's definitely my all time favorite my color during spring so here are a few things that I will definitely have to have once spring finally arrives!!  Just a little eye candy for ya! ;)

This amazing stuff is already in my shower and it smells so good you could eat it… kidding.
I will definitely restock once spring arrives, the lotion is wonderful too!
Body Shop, $16 on sale for $10!!

I love how light and airy this hoodie is…
with a white tee and some jeans!  Adorable!!!
Francesca’s Collections, $34.00

This is so stinkin cute!!!  I just love the back… so pretty!
Forever21, $14.90

Looooove this!  It might be a little too much for “everyday” on your fingers
but for the tootsies, it would be delightful anytime!!
NEED SUNGLASSES, is the perfect name for this polish.
Found it on Google, $5.00

These are so beautiful... HAVE to buy these for a 
brunch and mimosa's with the ladies!!
Crate&Barrel, $6.95 per plate.

Perfect dress for a Spring Party!!! Everything about it is simple and classy!, $49.99

Thank goodness that after lunch the sun did make an appearance and I didn't have to pretend that it was Spring until I actually walked outside!!  I guess I'll take that. 

I have a day off tomorrow thanks to the classes I've been teaching so I am going to have lunch with Peter!!! YAY!  Twice in a week is a new record... wish I worked in Greenville sometimes! 

Random Fact... Tomorrow is a WEEK from my Birthday!!!!!  Big Twenty Four! 
(is it bad that I had to sit here and think about how old I would be...? I seriously thought 23 for a few seconds.  oh dear...)

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