January 18, 2011

Yesterday I got to go to the Hospital TWICE in one day for 2 different reasons so that’s always fun!

I went to watch Peter play Basketball because I’m such a fabulous girlfriend and I’m so glad I did!  Right at the end of the 1st quarter Peter was trying to grab the ball from the other team and all the sudden he jerked his hand back and walked off the court.  He was shaking his hand while it was still in a fist and told the ref “I’m out!!” and the whole time I was thinking… UH OH!  Once he walked over to his team and opened his hand making them all jump and look away I knew exactly what had happened.

You see, this is the first time Peter’s left pinky has had a problem.  About 5-6 years ago he was playing football with some guys at Clemson and when he went to catch the ball it hit his pinky just perfectly to scrunch it down like an accordion.  At least that time was MUCH worse than last night.  When I saw that something was seriously wrong I ran across the court to see his finger…… yuck!!  There was a nurse keeping score so she tried to pull it back in place but that didn’t help much.  We realized that we definitely needed to go to the ER. 

The wait at the ER wasn’t too bad… we waited for about 10-15 minutes and then a nurse pulled us in a room to ask questions, check everything and then sent us back out to wait for an X-ray.  After another 10 minutes or so he went to have an X-ray to check and see what was going on.  The whole time waiting he said his finger wasn’t hurting, only a 1 on a scale from 1-10???  I was surprised! 

This is a picture of his finger while we were waiting for the doctor. 

After a little while longer a nurse came to get us and we went back to one of the rooms.  The doctor came in for “Mr. and Mrs. E-lie-ah” and I couldn’t help but laugh!!  Then he told us what Peter already knew since this wasn’t his first time his poor pinky has been injured… he would have to inject his finger with some anaesthetic and pop it back in place. 

I then asked if I could see the X-ray and he was super nice and said “yea, sure!! Follow me!”  I went in a room expecting to see the boards on the wall  where you click the X-ray film in place and turn on the light but it was a computer instead… with my surprise I said “WOW, this is neat!!” he laughed and said “yea, we don’t have those old boxes anymore since everything is so high tech now!”  I then informed him that Grey’s Anatomy still uses the boxes!!!  He laughed again and asked “REALLY!?!?”… haha, it was comical!  

This is the X-ray he so kindly let me take a picture of!

After making Peter wait even longer to have his finger back in place (SORRY) we went back to the room and the doctor picked up the needle… I learned that Peter does NOT like needles, but then who does like them!?!  After a few seconds his finger was so numb he couldn’t feel the needle anyways and the doctor popped everything back in place!  They had to take another X-ray to make sure everything was back in place and it was.  He said it hurts to move but they put a splint on his finger so it will stay straight.  Thank goodness he is right handed.

I’m so happy that I went to watch him play… not that I could do anything to make it better but it was nice to be there and be a “Mrs.” for the night! ;)

Side note: Just a little update on my grandma... she is doing better since she is on some medication but they are doing a lot of tests this week so we'll see what they say.  The doctors are trying to find out if it's a nerve problem or disc problem.  
Also, my other grandma is having a test done tomorrow so keep them both in your prayers.  I appreciate it! 

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