Goals // 5.18

May 1, 2018

I totally forgot about my goals last month!! ha, it was a busy month and by the time I remembered them, half the month was over... so I thought I'd just wait till May! May is definitely one of my favorite months. The weather is officially awesome, we have fun family time in the yard, eating outside as often as possible, & most importantly, Peter's Birthday!! I'm definitely ready for all the fun things that this month will hold, but first, let's look back to March. 

March Goals
1 // print some new photos for the house - I have several sets of new pictures on the wall that I'm loving!!! I still want to get some more frames updated with pictures that include Asher this month for sure. 
2 // purge/donate clothes & reorganize closet - So happy with how my closet has been redone. We bought a new system that works better for my clothes so I can have dresses hanging on one side and shirts on the other, then all my shorts or jeans in the middle on shelves. It has helped a ton, I also donated everything that I haven't worn for a while.
3 // dye eggs with Solomon & make resurrection cookies - Sadly, we didn't get both of these things completed but we did do the Easter Eggs. I also bought everything for the resurrection rolls but we didn't get around to it. Next year I'm gonna try and complete them both! 
4 // get active at least 3 days a week - I was doing really well for a couple of weeks and working out and eating well BUT then the awful two weeks of thrush threw me off completely. I did continue to eat well and actually lost 12 lbs in one week, but the working out stopped. I plan to get back on track this month and try get rid of the rest of this baby weight in the coming months! 
5 // clean out and organize the laundry room - nope. This one is still on my list!!

May Goals
1 // clean out and organize the laundry room
2 // clean out and organize the garage (I know, I'm brave!!)
3 // start a monthly workout challenge
4 // plan a cookout for Memorial Day & Peter's birthday

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

A cookout sounds fun! My family loves when the weather is finally nice enough to cook out. :) I hope you have a great May - I love this month too.


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