weekly three.

May 11, 2018

It was a long week for us but we are so happy the weekend is here. Peter was gone for the first part of the week and we were all VERY excited to see him when he got home on Wednesday night. Now we made it to Friday and I'm so excited to spend Mother's Day Weekend with my sweet family. We already spoiled Gigi this week (or she spoiled us) since we got to hang out with her a lot. I'm so thankful she loves to come over and help us out when Daddy is away. 

The beautiful weather and coloring (with a little wine) on the deck is always nice!

I can't wait till we get some fresh eggs from these girls... 

Solomon not so thrilled about missing the sunglass memo. HA! 

I promise Asher was around this week also, I'm just normally holding him or have him strapped to my chest during the day. 

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