easter eggs.

March 28, 2018

I was excited to try dying Easter eggs with Solomon for the first time. I knew that it was going to be tricky, and truly test my patience (something I pray for very often!), but I also knew it was going to be a lot of fun. We are fighting a pretty awful cold in our house. Solomon has been sick for about a week now, and yesterday was really rough. He fell asleep in my arms around 3:30 which meant he didn't wake up till almost 6pm. I knew it was going to be a late night, so I thought dying eggs would be a fun thing to do. He really enjoyed it, even with the cold. 

I had hopes to make some of the natural homemade dies, but then I realized that I had a toddler and a newborn. ha, realistic ideas, right? So, instead I went to Target and picked up the traditional egg dyes. Honestly, it was super sweet to use them, since that's what I grew up using. I didn't expect the nostalgic sweetness to happen for some reason, but it totally did.  Watching Solomon's face when I put the little tabs in the vinegar was priceless. He was so excited as he saw the magic happening before his eyes.  And since we were dealing with dyes that could stain his shirt, I thought it would be wise to keep on his very dirty shirt from the day. It was covered in his lunch, a PB & honey sandwich, and then pasta from Gigi's house at dinner. Surprisingly, he didn't get any dye on his shirt though! 

One of the funnier moments from last night. Peter used the chalk crayon to write on an egg and I saw the JE. I instantly thought he was writing Jesus and I thought it was so sweet.  As the egg started to turn in the bowl, I realized he wrote JETS. HAHAHA, it was funny, and definitely made me laugh. I decided to draw a heart on my purple egg! 

The crusty, runny nose.... the very dirty shirt.... and that sweet face. 
All of it is such an image of a growing boy, it kind of kills me sometimes when I watch him. But then I see bits and pieces of my baby that has grown into such a sweet boy and I'm thankful to create these memories and new traditions with him. 

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