Hard Love.

May 13, 2018

Motherhood is such a journey and has so many ups and downs. Every mother has a different story to tell and I think that is what makes it so beautiful. How we all have our own connection to becoming, being and growing as a mom. I will never take for granted the blessing it has been to be called mommy. It is hard, it is exhausting, but it is so good. I know that God put me on this earth to be a mom, and I'm so thankful that He has given me two little lives to lead back to Him. They aren't mine to keep, and I have to remind myself of that so often. I'm their mommy, their booboo kisser, their cheerleader, their first love, but most of all, I am their reminder of God's love. I have the very hard job of trying my best to always be an example of what Christ's love looks like for His children. Some days are hard, so so hard, but even in those hard days, I try my best to remind myself that this season is short. Even when it is hard, I know God has given me the heart to love them deeper and harder through it. Unconditional love for my sweet boys. 

Asher's new sweet smile that he just stared to give this week 
& Solomon's constant blur of adventure and fun in photo form. These two make me so happy!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there who are experiencing the hard love. The ones who yearn month after month to hold a baby of their own, to the mothers who are finished holding but miss those days so terribly bad, to the ones who feel like their arms may never stop holding and are beyond tired in the long dark hours of the night. All of it is so hard, but so good, and we are all women who love deeply in our own way. So, happy day to you!

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