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May 8, 2018

new play-doh while brother naps is a lot of fun!! 

Making // smooooooothies. I'm also wanting to make some virgin mojitos like we had in Cancun. 
Cooking // a lot of Fresh Market meals. They are so easy and taste great, too.
Drinking // one La Croix a day, for my treat with lunch.
Reading // my posts from Florida and getting excited for our trip in June!
Wanting // soooooo many pieces from this collection at ikea. 
Looking // forward to Mother's Day weekend!
Wishing // the weekends didn't fly by so quickly. 
Enjoying // breastfeeding finally. I didn't expect to have so many challenges this time around but I feel like we are finally at the sweet spot now! It only took four months... ha.
Liking // the date night list that I've been working on. Date nights are such a treat!
Wondering // how Asher's personality will evolve in the months ahead.
Loving // how much Solomon loves Asher. He is so sweet to him and can't wait to see him each morning.
Hoping // to have a little morning with Peter and Solomon soon. Big brother is due for some one on one time!
Marveling // at all the conversations with Solomon recently, I need to work on a new Solomon Says soon.
Needing // to schedule a manicure for Friday!
Smelling // coffee. I need so much coffee.
Wearing //  pjs all day, at least they are cute & so comfortable!
Knowing // I need to find the energy to workout.
Thinking // about how much easier life will be when Asher can sit up on his own. I hate to wish time away, but this stage is so frustrating for a baby, and mommy!
Bookmarking // birthday ideas for Solomon on pinterest. September will be here before we know it, and he'll be THREE!!!
Opening // new play-doh for some fun playtime with Solomon. 
Giggling // at Friends. Yes, the show... I'm watching it from the beginning for the first time and I seriously love it. It is so FUNNY! 
Feeling // extra blessed and super thankful!!

& that bedhead is definitely due for a haircut!! Gonna try and make that happen tonight after his bath. 


Abi said...

Those jammies are SO cute!! I'm always looking for cute ones for my boys!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

HAHA YES! Why do the weekends always fly by so quickly?!

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