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May 4, 2018

This week has flown by, which was a really nice change from last week! The weather has been amazing, my attitude has been better and my expectations have been much more appropriate for my 2.5 year old! Ha, sometimes it’s all about those realistic expectations, right?!? Life is too short to spend days stressed and angry over little things. I’ve decided to spend my time hugging and kissing and loving on my boys this week, and it has been good. All three of them make me so happy! Hope you all have a happy weekend, we have a busy one in store for us, and I’m ready for it! 

Their first nap together. I could have died when I put Asher down next to Solomon and he stayed asleep... it was super cute and needed to be captured. Naps at Gigi's house for the win!

The peonies by our mailbox opened this week and I was so excited to cut some for our kitchen. Peter bought them for my Mother's Day gift a couple years ago and I love that I get these beautiful flowers every year now! I want to get several other peony plants in different colors for a huge arrangement. 

As Asher is getting older by the week, I'm starting to notice how he is even more aware of Solomon. It's super cute how he watches him, and smiles at him constantly. As I was doing my bible study earlier this week, I looked up to see this above. Man, my heart could hardly stand it. 

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