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May 3, 2018

Peter and I got to enjoy a date last night since our church community group was off this week. My mom always comes over to watch Solomon while we are at group, and we usually take Asher with us. Last night we decided to leave them both at home with Gigi, since she watched them both last Friday, and things went very well. It was nice to have a quick dinner date night at a new spot in town. My cousin actually text me about Iron Hill Brewery earlier this week after she attended a soft opening. I was surprised when I mentioned it to Peter because he had been to one of the PA locations several times while he was visiting for work. He said he enjoyed the restaurant there, and I was happy to make reservations for us, after I took a look at the menu!

Peter has been called a beer snob a time or two and he really liked the beer we ordered. We picked the Hipster IPA and it was so crisp and juicy! I love a good New England Style IPA and this one was delicious. We got their early enough to enjoy happy hour (5-7) which also included some apps for a great price. We chose the brussel sprouts and the pretzel sticks with mustard and beer cheese. The sprouts were very good but the pretzels weren't anything exciting. I compare all pretzels with beer cheese to Sierra Nevada now, and these definitely fell short. I'm glad we got to try some appetizers while they were at a discount during happy hour. I know we will come back to try some more on the menu soon, especially since you can enjoy the happy hour specials on the patio, as well. 

Since the beer and pretzels filled us up a bit, we decided to share a burger and fries for our meal. We chose the drunk monk burger and the brie cheese was so good on it. The juice was running down my hand as I took my first bite. I can't wait to try their pimento cheese burger next time, when I don't have to share with Peter. He's not a fan of pimento cheese burgers but I always choose that if I see it on a menu. 

Mmmm, date nights. So good + so needed! 
I'm looking forward to several date nights this summer since my mom can watch both the boys for us. I'm hoping we can try several new spots in Greenville  and I can share more Sights + Seats posts. I really love writing these!!

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