Goals // 3.17

March 1, 2017

I'm very pleased with how my February goals have turned out, and I'm so happy that I decided to bring my goals back to this space. It really helps me think ahead and become more serious with plans and ideas for the future. Now we are in March, and I'm ready to work on some new things.....

February Goals
1 // finish up the organization & set a cleaning schedule that works - I am SOOO happy to announce that I have a schedule and plan that has been working and I can see that it will continue to work. I'm also working on a blog post to share what I have been doing and why it has been working for me.
2 // start planning our trip to Asheville in April - We booked our first airbnb for a vacation and I'm excited to start planning our activities for the trip. Our recent trip to Asheville really made me excited about spending more than a day or two in the charming town!
3 // have a set time everyday to have some "school time" with Solomon - I guess we aren't doing a set time yet, still trying to figure out when that would work best during our day, but we have been doing more school type things during playtime and it has been fun. He learns so quickly (totally a trait from daddy!) and I love to see him have the light bulb moments as he's learning!
4 // try three new dinner recipes - I honestly forgot about this one... HA! But I did try out some new recipes, just not sure how many??
5 // keep up the hot yoga classes at least once a week - & this didn't happen but, I do have plans for March that I'm excited about........

March Goals
1 // work my butt off during the Bootcamp Challenge at the gym
2 // schedule our family dentist appointment
3 // purge my clothes and donate things I don't need
4 // complete the first5 plan through Leviticus & Hebrews

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