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August 26, 2016

Peter has been traveling for work this week and I've missed him so much. He hasn't traveled all summer long and things are so different now. When Solomon was smaller in the winter/spring, it kind of made things easier when he was traveling. I still missed him, of course, but I didn't have to think about making dinner and my time wasn't split in wife/momma mode. Our little man would just lay around all day and night and I got to play with him while he didn't move around that much. Now, things are very different. I have to think about my food and his, I'm constantly chasing that little monkey around, and we miss daddy terribly! FaceTime chats just aren't the same. I'm blessed to have a husband that is also my partner in parenting & so I've missed that partner. Can't wait to see you, babe!!!! 

Wearing my Lagunitas Brewery shirt and remembering how much fun we had on our Honeymoon in California. I'm dying to go back with Peter!

Finally getting some more grapefruit La Croix in this house. I've been dying without it, I'm a little bit obsessed. I also love to kick it up a notch with some ice and a wedge of lime!

So many hugs and kisses lately from my boy! Of course I couldn't catch any with the self timer on my phone, because he thought that was way too interesting, but I still loved this shot!

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