trying again.

August 2, 2016

I tried to complete the Chronological Bible Study a couple years ago but I got extremely overwhelmed, and behind in the study, so I gave up. I didn't realize at the time why I was not enjoying it, but after completing the amazing Seamless bible study with some wonderful women this summer, it was pretty clear. I didn't "get" the story of the bible. I knew a lot of stories, characters and the BIG Jesus love story, but I didn't understand how it was all connected. I didn't grasp how God knitted everything together. 

While I was doing the Seamless study, Nicole posted about her study through the bible with #ourstoryofredemption, and the wheels started turning in my head. I could dig deeper and enjoy the chronological bible study now, right?? Well, I'm going to try! I really believe that I can enjoy and learn even more now, if I work through the bible with my Seamless book close by. 

I want to try my best to do a couple of things, and as always, I will use this space to keep me accountable. It doesn't always work (hello, 101 in 1001, I kind of forgot about you!) but I truly believe that this time is different. I want this space to be centered around Christ. Pouring out His truth and His love story for all to see. So, here are the things I want to do...... 

1 // complete the chronological study and share what I'm learning here

2 // make time for quiet time, everyday, even if it is just a few moments of prayer

3 // keep up with my prayer journal 

4 // don't get bogged down by the date, I want to dig deep and enjoy this, not just push through quickly with a timeline

I'm excited! (so excited that I actually wrote out the whole reading plan, typical Cassie move) I feel excitement about reading the bible. That is such a wonderful feeling, that I honestly haven't had in a very long time. His love is so sweet, the way He pursues our heart in the most tender and loving way. He is jealous for us. Us, even in our dirty and selfish ways, He wants us. Let's want Him back, fully and deeply in His word! Follow along with #ourstoryofredemption as we dig deeper! If digging deeper scares you, like it scared me once, go buy Seamless right this second!!! You will learn the sweetest love story of all time, the story of God's love for His people. 

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