a baby and football.

August 11, 2016

This is probably a really weird post but I love football! One of the best things about the fall is that wonderful sport. Once I started dating Peter, that love of football definitely grew. He loves it too, and we would spend our weekends watching games together, enjoying brunch at The Green Room while sipping on a bloody mary, and cheering on the Jets. Things have changed a lot... instead of a bar stool, we now have a comfy couch! 

Thinking back about last year, I remember having so much anticipation about the football season coming up, because I knew I would be holding a brand new baby while watching the games. All the pre-season talk and excitement held such a fun and sweet suspense type of feeling, thanks to all the unknown ahead of us. When would he come, what would be the first game we watched with him, I know that sounds incredibly silly, but I was excited! 

The first game, Peter dressed Solomon in his Jets gear! I could have died when he came downstairs with him. They both were so cute!!

Now, football season gives me this bittersweet feeling. My tiny baby will be crawling (and eventually) walking around during this football season. It amazes me how much has changed in one year. I don't think a football season will ever arrive where I won't feel a little tug on my heart.

Remembering the first weeks of his life when I held his tiny sleeping body, rocking back and forth in that blue chair. The only chair I could easily sit in and get up from without help. Cluster feeding, cheering on the Jets, and soaking in the newness of motherhood. See what I mean, football is even more special to me now. 

So today I'm celebrating the kickoff of the football season, and remembering how tiny my little boy was last year. Who knew football could make me cry?? HA! 
Motherhood... and foootball. Two very good things, & also, go Jets!!!

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