morning walks.

August 23, 2016

It's funny to me that this time last year, I was spending my time walking up and down our street to get Solomon to come out, now I'm pushing him in a stroller. And he is almost one. This morning was the first cool morning in August and it was so wonderful to take an early morning walk. It was a nice break from being cooped up inside the house like we normally are. I'm not a fan of summer heat, and Solomon isn't a fan of staying inside. Poor thing, since I'm the mom, I win and we stay inside way too much. I'm so looking forward to the cooler months ahead so we can spend a lot of time outside! 

It was so bright and sunny, but the perfect cool breeze blowing. I love when I find a great sun flare in the trees! After our walk we went to check on the chickens and fill up their water, Solomon gets so excited to see them and they love the company, too.

that cute little face he's been making with his lip KILLS me. Goodness, this boy!
I'm going to try my best to not be a blubbering mess for the next month, but I can't believe he is almost one. I've been working on his special one year post and crying already. 
Time please slow down....

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