hotel fun with a baby.

March 3, 2016

Once again, Solomon is napping, so here I am typing. Over the past almost six months of his life (how is that possible?!?) we have stayed in several hotels. We joke and say that he has had more hotel stays than most young children, but I'm so thankful that he is a happy traveler. He definitely gets it honest from his Daddy and Momma but there are several things that help out with traveling. Some of the things that make it a little bit easier are.... bedsharing, no solids yet, he prefers breastfeeding over a bottle, he likes a changing scenery & noise doesn't bother his sleeping. We are super thankful for all those things.

During the past week I've taken so many pictures of our time in the hotel, mainly since I was hanging out by myself and I needed something to pacify my time, but I wanted to keep these sweet little pictures here for our memories. It is going by so fast and I can't believe half of his first year is almost gone! 

Having the beautiful porch of our hotel has been nice 
for some fresh air during Solomon's snacks and naps! 

Naked little baby waiting for daddy to get back to the hotel!
His sweet little face kills me. We are so thankful for our happy traveler, it's so wonderful having him along for all our trips!!

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