hard nights.

March 9, 2016

Being a mother comes with the hard moments and even harder are the really long days that turn into sleepless nights. I had one of those this week. It was more than hard, it was all I could do to keep my cool with a very happy baby that wanted nothing to do with sleeping at 4am, after he only gave me an hour (if that?) of sleep. Nothing was working, not rocking, feeding or humming. No patting or shushing could calm his happy legs from kicking my side, and that just is not cute at all when you are sleep deprived. Thankfully after fighting back the tears and the curse words, Peter took Solomon downstairs before starting his morning routine for work. Thank you, husband!!! We are so blessed to have you! 

That night of course happened after a stressful day with a crying clingy baby that wouldn't let me leave his sight or lay him down to nap. Direct contact with momma is sweet but all day long can be a bit much. So, my stress level was high and my patience was low.... 

I'm also thankful that day and night was a total fluke and not the normal for us. So, so thankful that Tuesday night was a new night full of sleeping for me and baby, and today has been equally awesome for us. It has been a great day and I'm honestly glad that I have to get through those tough moments as a mom so I can enjoy the mundane regular days. It is a blessing in disguise, I guess? 

All the pictures for this post were from that really hard day on Monday, and now looking back at them all I really see is a sweet baby and a tired momma. I know those moments are the ones I will miss one day, because I already see things that I miss now. I mean, I cried just yesterday while packing up his bassinet because he's too big for it now, so I wanted to track these memories here. Leave it for one of those days in the not too far away future when I miss that little baby. Just a little something to make me cry again. 

Happy humpday to you!! I hope you are also having a gorgeous spring day wherever you are. I'm currently listening to the birds chirp and a baby snore. And that baby is not on my chest for his nap, so yes, it is a new day! 

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