Wanna do list // Spring 2016.

March 31, 2016

That time already, and since my Winter To Do List wasn't that successful I'm going to look at these as a Wanna Do List instead now! ;) Less pressure, more fun! After all, our days and nights are full of fun things to do so I'm going to make these for some extra fun if we have time.

1// go out for a family date to lunch

2// buy a cute swim suit for Solomon

3// take mom out for a pedicure and lunch (seriously going to happen this time!!!)

4// check out a new restaurant downtown for a date night

5// have a cookout in the backyard 

6// bake fresh bread

7// finally have the house "facelift" completed

8// start walking with Solomon consistently since he loves being outside

9// donate winter clothes that I didn't wear 

10// set up a park play date with friends and their babies

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