September 4, 2013

Whenever my family has a wedding we always celebrate with a fun lingerie shower for the bride. Since it was finally my turn for this tradition I was a little nervous but really excited at the same time. We all laughed way too much while having a delicious dinner and cupcakes thanks to my Mom. 


 ^^^ We played a game where each guest put a new pair of panties that best represented them in a brown paper bag and then I had to guess who they were from... 
Sadie Grace wanted to be a part of the game so she gave me a pull up. It was adorable! 

 ^^^ My grandmother gave me some fun Ninja Turtles undies since I was slightly obsessed with them when I was a kid. We all died laughing when I actually picked her on the first try! 

Such a wonderful night and these little ladies made it even better!! The whole night was so much fun and I'm so thankful for the women in my family. The big day is coming up so quickly and it was so wonderful to relax and spend some time with all of them. 
I love my family and I'm so glad we can have fun together. 

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