Bachelorette Weekend // Part One

September 10, 2013

Let's just be honest, there was just way too much fun for one post! The entire weekend was so wonderful and I'm so happy I got to spend a stress free weekend away with some of the best women around. I really am so blessed to have such special people in my life that only pour in the good. All the love and sweetness that I felt all weekend long was exactly what this bride needed to take her mind off all the plans. We started the weekend early on Thursday with just a few of us driving to Beaufort, SC and by Friday night we had a total of fifteen women in the house. I've always wanted to visit Beaufort and I knew that the weekend would be so relaxing and chill if we went to this sweet little town. It really was the perfect location and I'm so glad we all got to go!

^^^ the excited group about to embark on the weekend together!

^^^ cute mom! 

^^^ view from the rooftop deck that we didn't use that often thanks to the awesome, slightly scary, winding stairs you have to take to get to the top.

^^^ gorgeous house that I most definitely did not want to leave!


^^^ welcome to the casa margaritas are a must... 
and obviously I am excited about them. 

^^^ I may have sang "sittin on the dock of the bay" a few too many times. 

^^^ I made special cups for everyone to drink out of all weekend and take home as a souvenir

^^^ my friends are wonderful... I mean, look how happy they make me!

^^^ nothing better than a little manicure time and happy hour on the porch after spending Friday morning trying to get some sun on the dock which of course left me with absolutely no tan lines. 
not even one. 

^^^ that's a whole bunch of love in one picture!

^^^ beautiful lady I am so blessed to call Mom!

^^^ since I have a super crafty Matron of Honor I had to show off her wrapping skills... pretty bows and some pink lipstick with a sweet card sealed with a kiss. I just love her so much and wish constantly I was that creative! 

 I really am so blessed to not only know all of these ladies but also call them my friends. 
You all spoil me and I really do want to say a BIG thank you and let you all know how much I love you! 

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Cassie said...

I never got a chance to read this blog/post whatever you call it. I am so not cool. Anyway, this was so sweet and it was really a wonderful weekend. I had a blast! I am so happy to have been included in your wedding excitement!

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