Dining Room Re-Do // Part Three

September 5, 2013

As mentioned on the Part Two post about the Dining Room, the pencil fan had to go so we have finally put him to rest { AKA, in the middle of the floor in the study } and I was very happy to see farewell.  I have had my eye on a chandelier from Home Depot for a while now and with the low clearance price we couldn't resist. Or I kindly reminded Peter long enough for a trip to go pick it up.... Either way, its up and working and I'm a happy lady. 

^^^ a man that reads directions.... be still my heart! 

The project took a little bit longer than expected but with the help of some friends the new lighting was completed. And of course we celebrated with pizza and beer... What else are you supposed to do when you successfully hang your first chandelier in your first house??? Yes, pizza & beer it is! 

& speaking of beer, earlier this week Peter and I sat at the dining room table with our friend and videographer for our wedding. It was so wonderful  to take a few beer glasses from our kitchen cabinet and pour some of Peter's home brewed beer for our meeting. For the first time it felt like ours. 

Our glasses. Our dining room. Our home. It really was so awesome and I have a sneaky feeling that this pretty blue room is going to be one of my favorites! 

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