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September 18, 2013

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I honestly can’t believe we are only TEN days away from the wedding day. It’s so bizarre. The time has literally faded by in the easiest way and I am thankful for that! We still have a list of things to do but I’m trying to stay calm and know in my heart everything will be completed in time. I’m trying to remember that all the work we have put in for this day isn’t for the day alone. It is for our memories and all the people that will be there to celebrate with us. We want this day to be magical and fantastic but we know it’s not just about the day. Like I have said many times, at the end of the day I will be married to my best friend and that is the most wonderful part!

A couple nights ago I was driving home and listening to our first dance song. Sitting at a red light I closed my eyes and imagined that dance. Blinking my eyes and trying to keep the tears held back I thought about how Peter will lead me around the dance floor while so many people watch us. I started to pray that our life will be that way also. That he will lead me with a gentle love and everyone will see and acknowledge that his act of leadership is done with affection and kindness. I remember the first time he played the song for me and my heart wanted to explode because of how perfect it was. I can’t wait for that moment when we are able to dance as husband and wife to such a sweet song. Ten days… that’s all I have left! I cannot believe it and I feel that I may burst! 

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