Some quality time with the lady I call Mom.

September 20, 2013

We have always enjoyed our Mom/Daughter date nights and thanks to a Living Social that was almost expired we gladly enjoyed a little Mom/Daughter time a few nights ago. Salad bar, baked potato, sharing a HUGE pork tenderloin and a carraf of wine while talking about the next couple of weeks. Talking about the excitement, the changes, the unknown... the wedding day, the honeymoon, my first Christmas as a wife. All of those things are so exciting and I'm so thankful that my mom is excited for me too!

She's kind of amazing. I will miss our nightly talks on the couch and our relaxing weekend mornings and riding to church together on Sundays. I'll even miss her yelling "You better get up! Have a good day, I love you" every morning as she leaves for work. The last 26 years of my life have been happy and a lot of that is because of her. She loves hard and that is a wonderful thing! It's been a good run, Mom. ;) I love you!


Cassie said...

"She loves hard"- a great way to describe your mother's love. She has been a wonderful mom and will continue to be there for you as start this new journey. It will just be a little different and someone else will have to tell you to get up in the mornings!

Cassie said...

great, now im crying.

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