Bachelorette Weekend // Part Two

September 16, 2013

I had every intention on finishing the posts from my fun weekend in Beaufort last week but that just did not work out. Life definitely got in the way... the normal wedding, house and work business with a little car trouble thrown in for a twist but all is good now. Yes, I am exhausted and very ready for October but I'm trying to soak in every moment. 

On to the the Bach fun... after the fun nights in the house on Thursday and Friday we decided to venture out to the little downtown Beaufort area. I had been dreaming of cute little antique shops and all my dreams came true thanks to all the adorable stores on Bay Street. I got some amazing deals on a few awesome pieces for the future home and I can't wait to use them and remember my fun weekend. After all the shopping we all dressed up for the night out. It was such a blast! From the delicious dinner to the tasty drinks everything was absolutely perfect. 

^^^ of course we started the day right with cinnamon rolls!  

^^^ this place was so adorable and the owner was precious! 

^^^ love them so much!

^^^ super sassy and beautiful friends!!! 

^^^ the MOH made the most beautiful sash and the crown is very special to us since Katie and Jocie wore it before me! 

^^^ a toast to a great night!! 

^^^ My bridesmaids and best friends!! 

^^^ she's gorgeous. and I love her. 

^^^ a little margarita thanks to Katie!

^^^ lemon drops. Mmmmm! 

^^^ in honor of my future husband, the "Peter Dance." 
Mainly when you move your body back and forth with your hands out in front of you. 

I seriously can't believe how blessed I am for all of these women! They are so fun and loving and I know that my bachelorette weekend wouldn't have been the same if any of them were missing. It is very rare to put a group of 15 ladies in one house for a whole weekend and not have any drama but I guess it can happen when you surround yourself with awesome people so what I'm trying to say is, you all are awesome and I love you so stinkin' much!!!!! 

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