Asher // three months.

March 29, 2018

The normal face when Solomon is playing with Asher. Happy, but I might cry at any moment. 

Sweet Asher,

It's crazy how much my love has grown for you in this past month. You are growing into the sweetest baby boy each day. There are so many things that I have learned about you as you are changing, and I love it. I honestly didn't expect the newborn phase to be hard this time around but it was. I'm sorry for that, but I'm so happy that we have found our way through it together. Being a mother of two is not always easy, but it is always easy to love you and kiss your massive yummy cheeks!

Learning all your quirks has also been fun the past month. Little things like how you need 10 seconds of butt pats once I lay you down in the crib. Exactly 10 seconds or you will wake up. Or, how you smell exactly like your daddy. It's the strangest thing, and even your Amo Fadi notices it all the time. And how you turn your face and open your mouth when I kiss your cheeks sometimes. I like to think you are trying to give me a kiss back. I really love how you constantly watch your big brother, too. Sometimes I will leave you with him, if i need to use the bathroom or go get some water, and you are so content and happy. Just looking up at him and watching him play. He loves you too, and even calls you "his baby" sometimes. I love how you two need each other already, and I pray that need will grow more every day.

I also love all the many smiles I get during the day. You have so many different ones. There's the middle of the night smile that I can see in the dark as you see my face. The sleepy grin that finds comfort beside me in the bed and holds my hand while you nurse back to sleep. And then there's the middle of milk smile, definitely one of my favorites! You pull away and babble and stare at me, never taking your eyes off of my face as you grin, and a little bit of milk escapes the corner of your lips. But my favorite grin is the big, wide mouth, happy smile. The one that makes your eyes squint and nose scrunch. The one that almost makes you laugh a little bit. You are so happy, and I love receiving all those perfect smiles every day.

I recently got lost scrolling through my forever long Instagram feed looking at pictures of you and your brother. I ended up all the way back to Solomon's photos when he was your size. I felt the lump in my throat and wanted to cry. Time is such a thief, and it has already taken three months of your life so quickly. How is it possible that you are already so big, and that your brother is even bigger. I just watch you two every day in awe of this life that I get to live. A life of loving two precious boys with every bit of me. Even when it's hard and I feel like I might break, you both get even more of me, that I didn't think I could give. You pull it out of me, and you make me better because of it.

Thank you for loving me and needing me, baby boy!! I love you so much, and I need you even more, trust me. 

stats //  17.4 lbs & 25.5 in.
you are growing like a weed!!!

eating // some days are more of a pattern than others, but Asher has his first stuffy nose and cough from all of Solomon's kisses. :( he has been nursing more than normal which I'm totally ok with, hoping the breast milk will help fight the cold.  

sleeping // most nights he wants to sleep by 8:30-9 and will sleep in his crib till 2-4. I'm never really sure when he is going to wake up but it's nice that he has such a good chunk of sleep in his bed. There have been several nights that I have put him back in his crib after he has some milk and he will sleep again till morning. I never expected to switch to the crib in his room so early, but he really does sleep best that way. 
But,  this cold is also throwing that off since he wants to nurse more often, even at night. Either way, I love having him in the bed beside me if he needs it, but I'm hoping he will get back in his crib soon since he does sleep better that way. & obviously, so do I. 

wearing // all his clothes are 6 months and even some 9 month things. His legs are so chunky and won't fit 80% of  the pants and pjs that Solomon wore. It's so funny to me how different their body types are. 

favorite things // sitting up, he rarely likes to lay down, unless he's having some milk. Loves chewing on his hands still, mostly his index finger and thumb. Watching Solomon play, especially with his lightsaber. Going places and seeing new things, BUT WE STILL HATE THE CAR. God, please help us! 

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Elizabeth Mayberry said...

How quickly they grow! I love that you are recording these memories!

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