Solomon Says // 003

March 7, 2018

This edition of Solomon Says is a little more of what I had in mind when I wanted to start these series of posts. Instead of a bunch of things Solomon says all the time, there are a couple things that he has said randomly, that made me die laughing. He really is so funny, and I never know what he is going to say. 

(notice the bruise and cut on his head from a little too much fun with his cousin Jonah. Boys.)

a compliment // before leaving the house one day recently, I went upstairs to put my hair in a bun. My hair has finally gotten a little bit longer so I can do the top knot kind of bun again. As I came downstairs I sat down beside him to put his shoes on. He instantly looked at me and said.... "oh, me like your hair like that!" 
I almost fell over. It was so matter of fact and funny but also very sweet!! 

brotherly love // 90% of the time is super sweet brother time, but Asher can get a little cranky and cry a lot. We were having a long morning and he was crying non stop. I was trying my best to stay calm and comfort him anyway I could. Solomon was playing in the living room and walking around and he casually said.... "UGH, stop crying baby asher!!" 
It was so funny because it was exactly what I was thinking but trying not to say in front of Solomon! 

that sneaky little grin... kills me!

And here are a few of the things he has been saying a lot lately that I love.... 

he's waking up // from day one with Asher, anytime he would open his eyes he would exclaim "he's waking up!!!" and I always thought it was so cute. But, now he does it when I don't want him to wake up, haha. Like when I put him in the carseat and I'm trying to keep him asleep... "he's waking up!!!". When he's finished nursing and I'm trying to get him upstairs to his crib without waking up... "he's waking up!!!". Pretty much anytime I want him to stay asleep but he barely opens his eyes.... "he's waking up!!!". It makes things interesting, that's for sure! 

what is that // this is totally normal for a toddler because they always want to know what things are, but it's kind of funny right now since he asks about everything. Even things he knows. "Mommy, what is that?" for a fork, a spoon, a door, really anything. Sometimes I don't even know what he's asking about because he will just randomly say it. I think it's his little way of having conversations now. I try my best to stay patient and answer all his questions, even when they are silly!

love you // Solomon never really said I love you back, or it seemed to take a long time for him to do it. I would tell him to say it back to me and he would, but he'd never do it on his own. Now he says it back a lot, with an I love you too, which is so sweet to hear. Recently my grandma was over to spend some time with the boys, and she said I love you more to Solomon, when he told her that he loved her. Later that night my mom was telling him bye and that she loved him, he then told her I love you more. I thought my mom was literally going to bust! It was so sweet. Now he says I love you more a lot, but I always try to respond to him with, I love you most! Cause I do... he is the sweetest boy and I love him so darn much!

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