Asher's Dedication.

March 19, 2018

Yesterday we had a special celebration with a group of close friends and family as we dedicated Asher's life to Christ. I love how intimate and personal the dedications are at our church, and the special meaning behind them. Sharing our babies with our community and church is such a blessing. Hoping that they learn about Jesus and grow up to be men of God is one of my biggest prayers, and I know that our church will help us in that task. We have already learned so much from the teaching, and the community we have made at Grace, that has helped us in this journey of parenthood. I'm so excited about the future that our children will have their also. 

We finally made it to church for the first time since Asher was born and it was wonderful. We wanted to go last week but it was one of those cold rainy days, and I wasn't feeling 100%, so it didn't happen. But, this week was different. I was beyond ready to get back and worship. I've missed it terribly. Asher was so great during the entire service. The songs we sang after the wonderful sermon were so good for my heart. It was so special to wear my new sleeping baby as I swayed back and forth and  sang to the Lord. Having his dedication after church was just the icing on the cake for me. It was such a good morning!

Some of our sweet community group! It was so special to have four babies to celebrate together. 

This picture means so much to me. All of those close to us, surrounding us in prayer and support for our baby boy. The person to the left is my mother in law and the person to the right is my mom. It really is special to have the two most important women in our life always praying with us and helping us love our babies. Such a huge blessing, and we are so thankful! Thank you all who came to help us love and celebrate Asher. I pray that he does big things for our Father and His Kingdom one day!!

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