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March 2, 2018

Our week has been pretty busy with appointments and things to do, which only made it fly by. The rain the past couple of days was actually kind of nice to slow down a bit and cuddle inside with my boys. Solomon has been teething, and cutting three molars at one time, so the attitude has been crazy this week. And so has his sleep, but we all made it to Friday & I'm excited for a sunny and beautiful weekend!

even if this guy isn't in the BEST mood because of his teeth, he is still the sweetest toddler I've ever known. I'm working on a two and a half years old post for him and I honestly can't stop writing all the things I love about him. I don't know how I got so lucky, but God sure did bless us with this boy. 

trying my best to make healthier choices for lunch and snacks when we are at home, but it's so hard with my breastfeeding appetite!! Give me all the cookies!

so thankful for this woman and all she does for our babies. Peter was out of town again for one night this week, and like always, she stepped up to help with no hesitation. She is the best mommy and Gigi!

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