our new babies.

March 12, 2018

Over the weekend we ventured out to Tractor Supply, like we do almost every spring, for some new baby chicks. Sadly, we lost all our chickens last year because of a coyote, and we wanted to wait till Spring to get some new babies. We still need to make a safer area for the chicks before they go out in the yard, but they'll be safe in the garage for 6-8 weeks! Solomon was so excited to go get some baby chickens Saturday morning.

we locked Solomon in a chicken coop for a little while. kidding! 

Asher's first baby chicken experience!! 
He's clearly excited ;) 

They are safe and happy in the garage! I promised Solomon that we would spend some time with them every day while Asher takes his long afternoon nap. I want to hold them and touch them as much as possible so they love us. Our first round of chicks were so sweet and friendly because Peter and I had the time to really love on them. The second set of chicks we got last year were a different story. We were so busy with traveling and Solomon, but I want to really put in the effort with these girls. It makes them so much more friendly when they know you and want to be around you, especially with kids around. I'm excited to have them out in the yard in a couple of weeks with all the kids hunting Easter eggs. Such a fun time of year!

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