new babies.

March 6, 2017

Spring is almost here and we are excited to have some new baby chicks in our family! We have two left from our first set of chicks a couple of years ago and they are each still producing about four eggs a week, so we definitely wanted to get some newbies. It was exciting to go see them and pick them out with Solomon. He is pretty much obsessed with the chickens we have now. He's constantly begging to put on his shoes by the back door while pointing to the door exclaiming chicken!! It's pretty cute, so I'm excited for him to watch the new girls grow up. We did a lot of driving around Friday morning to find the chicks we wanted, and they still weren't the exact ones we'd choose, but unfortunately we can only have eight total because of the city guidelines we live in. They all produce eggs, which is the whole reason we have them anyways. I'm just hoping that Whitney & Florence (the two surviving girls) will welcome them without any problems!!

that little finger pointing at little chickies!

I want some ducks so badly!!!! They are so cute, and the eggs are even better I hear!

If only this guy was old enough to help clean out the coop... ha! Poor Peter has to handle that all on his own right now. I'll just handle the quiche! & Speaking of quiche, I will have my recipe coming atcha later this week. Mmmmmm!!

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