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March 31, 2017

Just when I thought we were back to normal and in the clear for feeling sick, Solomon picked up a stomach bug virus. Thankfully it hasn't been awful but he did have a very high fever and a lot of dirty diapers. The joys of motherhood.... but really, anytime he's sick, I find so much joy in all the cuddles and kisses I get from my boy! Being needed and wanted is the sweetest. I'm hoping things turn around before the weekend and we can have a few days of fun!

Solomon's face anytime we turn on Netflix. It's so funny, he gets so excited and smiles so big, but then he really doesn't care what we turn on or watch. Silly boy!

After a long few days, sharing a beer with your husband while wearing your comfy pjs, is needed!! 

The tree over our deck is blooming, it always makes a HUGE mess, but it's so pretty!

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