weekly three.

March 3, 2017

It has been another fast week and I'm so ready to spend the weekend with my guys, especially since Peter was out of town last weekend for work. The weather is going to be amazing so I see a lot of time spent outside for us. We had quite the storm on Wednesday night and my mom-in-love had a tree fall on her house. Solomon is so excited to have his grandma live with him for a little while! We are so thankful that she is safe and there wasn't more damage done. Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend and get to enjoy some sunshine!

Larabar for breakfast, your favorite book, morning bedhead & watching the voice with momma.... he's living the life, guys! 

A perk to my SIL moving to town, we give each other one morning a week of free time and Thursday is mine! I took the car to get a much needed cleaning and then my toes had a much needed pedicure! It was so nice :-)

The night weaning process is in full swing at our house so there are some long nights going on, but he really is doing so much better than I thought!

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