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March 9, 2017

It seems like it's about time for a new day in our life post! I love these so much, and since my baby boy has become such a big boy lately, I thought it was a perfect time to capture our day together. I also noticed Nicole sharing her day, and I loved the way she did hers. I was so inspired that I got out my nice camera to capture the moments. I'm really trying to use it more than my phone now days for the blog and I love how the quality of my photos have changed drastically.

The days of parenthood are always changing. What your kid liked last week may be disgusting this week, or what made them laugh last week may seem boring this week. It is so important for me to list the mundane little moments of my day so that I can remember them in the future. This little boy is my biggest adventure, that's for sure.

03.07.17 // tuesday
6:30 - Solomon wakes up and comes into our room asking for mimi (his world for milk) so I grab him and put him in the bed with us. He drinks some milk until 6:40ish and then we get up to go downstairs for the morning. With the night weaning the past week, this is my new favorite part of the day. The first morning cuddles and him needing me the second he's awake.

6:45 - diaper change, start the laundry & start the coffee. Solomon's favorite thing. He begs to be picked up and push the button to grind the beans and watch us pour the water in the chemex.

7:00 - Peter comes downstairs and finishes the coffee and gets his breakfast.
7:20 - best part of my morning, I drink my coffee and go over my to-do list while Solomon plays in the living room.

7:40 - Teta (Peter's mom) comes downstairs for the morning. She is staying with us right now since a tree fell on her house last week, & Solomon loves having her around. They enjoyed looking at the birds to distract Solomon from daddy leaving for work.

7:50 - I switch the laundry to the dryer and start The Voice on the DVR. It is one of our favorite things to watch in the morning while Solomon & I play with toys.
(also a good distraction for Teta leaving for work!)

8:15 - Breakfast time. Squishy for Solomon and an oatmeal bar for me.

8:25 - books, books, and more books.

9:15 - Joy and Jonah show up and gladly wake up Solomon from his odd morning nap. He is still getting used to the new night time routine, so his naps have been a little off, even though he is sleeping better than ever. We were so excited to see his cousin.

Hugs always turn into wrestling with boys....

11:00 - grapes, cheese stick & a piece of toast for the boys while I fold laundry on the island in the kitchen.

11:20 - I take the boys upstairs to play in Solomon's room while I put away his laundry.

12:30 - Joy picks Jonah up and then I take Solomon upstairs for his nap. Change his diaper, change his clothes (finally out of pjs!) and rock him to sleep. While Solomon is going to sleep and nursing, I do my first5 bible study on Leviticus & Hebrews.

1:10 - Once Solomon is asleep, I head downstairs and go over my to-do list and see what else needs to be done during naptime. Today's daily chore is dusting and windows. The zone cleaning chore is baseboard and walls for the dining room & study... so I pretty much have a lot of dusting and cleaning to do for the next 30-40 minutes.

1:45 - once the cleaning is done I sit down to work on this blog post and edit some of the photos.

3:30 - I lost track of time on the computer like always so I head upstairs to finally change out of my pjs and straighten up our bedroom for a while since Solomon is still sleeping.

4:00 - Solomon wakes up and wants some milk like always after a long nap so we cuddle on my bed for a bit till he wakes up and wants to play.

4:20 - we head downstairs after a quick diaper change so I can start prepping dinner. Solomon has a snack (roasted sweet potatoes and carrots) while I finish. This is the best thing lately since he stays occupied best when he's strapped in his chair so he can't cling to my ankles and want to be picked up the entire time I cook.

5:00 - dinner is ready for the oven and I pop it in around 5:30 so it will be ready in time. Until then Solomon and I play together. He also spends a good 10 minutes playing with his buckle on his highchair, he's been obsessed lately.

5:40 - the normal night is spent on the couch with some cuddles and milk while we wait for Peter to get home. That 5 o'clock hour is a rough one everyday. He is ready for dinner and ready to see daddy!

5:50 - Peter is home and Solomon gladly plays with him while I finish setting up dinner. They also take a trip out to the garage to check on the baby chicks.

6:00 - I help distract Solomon a bit while dinner finishes cooking in the oven (chicken pasta bake) so we do his favorite couch throws. He loves it, no fear at all, the higher the better!

6:10 - we finally sit down for dinner. Solomon always runs around the house clasping his hands to pray until we finally sit down. I pray he always loves to talk to the Lord and thank Him for his blessings!!

After dinner we take Solomon to my mom's so she can watch him while we go to our church small group meeting! He loves having some one-on-one time with Gigi on Tuesdays, and I'm so thankful that we never have to worry about how he is when he's with her. (Thanks, Mom!)

It should also be noted that Solomon slept almost 8 hours on Tuesday night. I will always remember that night of sleep, the first uninterrupted night since he was born almost 18 months ago... big boy!!
He is growing so quickly and I'm so thankful that I have this space to keep these memories and little details. I never want to forget my days and nights together as his Momma!

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