dump trucks and tools.

March 28, 2017

I can't believe this sweet boy has turned two!!! I've always used his little life as a look ahead vantage point for what to expect with Solomon since he is 6 months older. He is such a true boy. Funny, mischievous, sweet and a big ball of energy. I love knowing that Solomon will always have a best friend around because of his cousin. I pray that they always have a close relationship.

Jonah, I'm so thankful that you are a part of our family!!! Solomon would be pretty bored around here without you. I'm also thankful for all the words you have taught him, even if one of them was no. ;) love you to the moon and back, sweet boy! 

A construction theme birthday cake is probably the easiest and most fun cake to make!!
I loved it, Joy did such a good job!! We also decided to let Solomon have his first taste of chocolate and he wasn't so sure about it. He enjoyed the first few bites and then he wanted an apple. Crazy kid!

Jonah, he was a BIG fan of the chocolate cake!! 

A light up star for his room! 
He is obsessed with twinkle twinkle, little star so he was pretty excited about it! 

teamwork to put together a new toy! 

kisses from my sweet boy!

watching all the boys play around with the tools was so cute!

all the babies that aren't babies anymore.... they grow up so fast! 

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