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March 17, 2017

It's been a long week.... a weird and off and long week, but I can't really pinpoint what has made it that way? I think it might have been the sudden drop in temps around here. I'm definitely excited about the warmer weather this weekend. I know Solomon is more than ready to be outside again. He has started to point outside and say, "side.... cold", so he hasn't been asking to go out as much, poor guy. I'm  happy it's friday, and the high is in the 60's  and the sun will be shining all day, hallelujah! 

Looking through this little gem of a magazine this week made me want to go buy the full Magnolia Journal version. Solomon also may have pointed and Joanna and said jojo. Is it weird that it made me proud...? 

I've made three meals this week and they all included my dutch oven, I think I'm obsessed.

This happy face everyday when daddy gets home from work! His little scab on his chin makes him look like a little boy, no more baby!

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